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Flaps and Grafts

Clinical Evidence within Flaps and Grafts

The use of negative-pressure therapy and skin grafting in the treatment of soft-tissue defects over the achilles tendon

Publication Date: 1st October 2005

Repta R, Ford R, Hoberman L, Rechner B
Annals of Plastic Surgery

A prospective, blinded, randomized, controlled clinical trial of topical negative pressure use in skin grafting

Publication Date: 15th September 2004

Moisidis E, Heath T, Boorer C, Ho K, Deva AK.
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Acceleration of Integra incorporation in complex tissue defects with subatmospheric pressure

Publication Date: 15th April 2004

Molnar JA, DeFranzo AJ, Hadaegh A, Morykwas MJ, Shen P, Argenta LC
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
113(5): 1339-1346

Development of new reconstructive techniques: use of Integra in combination with fibrin glue and negative-pressure therapy for reconstruction of acute and chronic wounds

Publication Date: 1st February 2004

Jeschke MG, Rose C, Angele P, Fuchtmeier B, Nerlich MN, Bolder U
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

The vacuum assisted closure device. A method of securing skin grafts and improving graft survival

Publication Date: 1st August 2002

Scherer LA, Shiver S, Chang M, Meredith JW, Owings JT
Archives of Surgery

Vacuum-Assisted Closure for the treatment of degloving injuries

Publication Date: 1st January 1999

DeFranzo AJ, Marks MW, Argenta LC, Genecov DG
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
104(7): 2145-8

A new and reliable method of securing skin grafts to the difficult recipient bed

Publication Date: 1st September 1998

Schneider AM, Morykwas MJ, Argenta LC
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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