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V.A.C. Therapy Clinical Data

One of the most extensive bodies of evidence in Negative Pressure Wound Therapy and Advanced Wound Care

For more than 10 years, V.A.C.® Therapy, also known as NPWT (Negative pressure Wound Therapy), with its proprietary open pore structure V.A.C. GranuFoam Dressings has set the standard for fast20 and effective5 wound healing leading to a significant improvement of the patient’s Quality of Life1 and the cost effectiveness3 for the health care providers. With more than 8,000,000 wounds treated worldwide*, caregivers rely on the integrated V.A.C. Therapy System to deliver healing outcomes they can trust. As of 12 May 2014, this body of evidence includes:

  • 41 Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs)
  • More than 918 peer-reviewed studies
  • More then 927 abstracts
  • 71 medical textbook citations

You can view selected article citations

The Only NPWT Device that is Clinically Proven

The vast majority of published data relating to NPWT products are based on the integrated V.A.C. Therapy System, using the unique GranuFoam interface. This proprietary foam, in combination with negative pressure, creates an environment that promotes fast20 and effective5 wound healing. These clinically proven mechanisms of action differentiate KCI integrated system from other NPWT products.

Learn more about the mechanisms of V.A.C. Therapy with V.A.C. GranuFoam Dressings.

*As of January 2014

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